Domaren Ruth O´Connors domarrapport:

Comments on the show in Alnarp

What a wonderful show !

I cannot thank the organizers enough for this invitation. Special thanks to Monika Knutsson who was so helpful organizing my coming. Big thanks and a big hug to Per Svensson who brought me everywhere during three days and was great company.  Such a beautiful place, lovely sunny weather, smiley fair-play exhibitors, the best of secretaries Pia Nilsson and Kim Bengtsson-Lindbergand, last but not least an incredible blueberry cake for dessert !

What about the Scotties ? I am weighing my words when I write that I have never seen so many beautiful Scotties in the same place other than at a world show, an european show or Crufts. I fell in love with every class.

Not one was of a wrong type, had a bad bite or any big fault that prevented it from looking beautiful. The males were as good as the females.

I would have liked to kidnap the winning male puppy Jig's Rönnerdal, so compact and full of himself. I saw afterwards in the catalog that he was a son of my BOB winner Raglan Russian Winter. In the bitch beginner's class I couldn't believe the quality of Nicole's Tailor Swist. She had no idea at all what showing was all about and jumped and ran everywhere but gosh was she gorgeous !

My best male and best female stood out for themselves. One was as masculine as the other was feminine. Both moved very well and were is the best body and coat condition. They had so much muscle that they looked like they had just come out of the gym ! They were stunning and they knew it ! They didn't stop showing. It was a film when they were together. It was not easy to choose the BOB but I finally decided on the male because his head was so exceptional.

In the final male line up :

1st : Raglan Russian Winter : a real male, full of class with a great outline, low to the ground, super angulations, so much Scottie attitude and presence in the ring, seemed like he knew he was there to win. I loved the dignified way he carried his head.

2nd : Piccola Strega Xerxes: this dog also was all male, strong, low to the ground dog with such immense teeth that I thought I had the wrong glasses on ! A Scottie combining so much quality plus this totally exceptional mouth can certainly be useful to the breed.

3rd : Marland Imagination : a strong male in perfect show condition with an excellent coat perfectly trimmed.

4th : Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi : Loved this junior puppy, strong, low to the ground with very good angulations.

In the final female line up :

1st : Mandowal Classic Charm for Stonbegath : I couln't keep my eyes off this bitch. What a show girl ! Super short back, with a tiny tail set bang on top. So compact and strong, just the right size. Never stopped moving. I always thougt I would never put up a Scottie who had a white tie on it's chest. This goes to say with dogs you must never say never. There was no way I was going to put down this bitch for a detail that suddenly became insignifiant to my eyes compared to so many exceptional qualities.

2 nd : Mariss Raketa : this bitch took my heart. She was a little jewel, just the type I like.  When she came into the first ring she showed for 5 seconds, totally captured my eye then got shy walking with the others. I was so upset. After she passed on the table she totally regained confidence and didn't stop showing to my contentment. She was so pretty and feminine with every detail right.

 3 rd : Filisite Brash Why Alone Star : a real lady with such a graceful outline, the best of necks and shoulders, low to the ground, moved like a limousine with a perfect top line. Pure quality.

4th : Raglan Ready to smile : a strong well constructed bitch with the best of coats in super coat body condition.

The hardest choice that I had to make on the day was to choose between the junior male and female. There was a storm in my body. My heart wanted the bitch and my head wanted the male. My head won but it left my heart aching.

The Raglans won the breeding lot and the reproducer lot. You can reconize them so well with their fantastic fronts and back-ends to die for. They have acquired a level of quality that one can only respect.

The veterans were in top condition with back lines still great and surprising enough, they were some on the only ones that weren't bothered by walking the grass ! The winning veteran bitch Floreo Pansy had a perfect bite and all her teeth at 9 years old ! I saw in the catalog that she was the mother of the dog I placed 2nd in the final line up who had the best mouth I had ever seen.

Thanks to all the exhibitors to have brought me so  many lovely Scotties. Congratulations to all the breeders for such exceptional work. I am trying to find some general faults that you can work on but the only one that comes into to my mind is this one : you don't breed enough of them !

Alnarp Katalog Bild

Soligt sommarväder och vacker miljö 

 Alnarp stämningsbild

Domaren Ruth O´Connor med ringsekreterare Kim Bengtsson-Lindberg och Pia Nilsson

 Ruth O Connor med ringsekreterare Kim Bengtsson Lindberg och Pia Nilsson



Tiken Distans Candy Flash med äg. och uppf. Marie Gavik

Marie Gavik

Uppfödarklass Kennel Raglan med uppfödaren Dan Ericsson

Dan Ericsson

Fotografen Morgan Johansson tar bild på BIR och BIM utanför Alnarps Slott

Fotograf med BIR och BIM

BIR Raglan Russian Winter (äg. Vivi-Ann Lövstedt) med uppfödaren Dan Ericsson
BIM Mandowal Calssic Charm of Stonegarth (uppfödaren Matai Borchin, RO) med ägaren Peter Van Der Steen 
Domaren Ruth O´Connor, Kennel Moulin De Mac Gregor utanför Alnarps Slott

BIR Ragland Russian Winter (äg. Vivi Ann Lövstedt) med uppfödaren Dan Eriksson och BIM Mandowal Classic Charm for Stone

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